Spodenki męskie active

Men's Active Trunks ELKA LOUNGE

Men's trunks with sports elastic: these are our men's active trunks focused on performance. Thanks to the solid sports elastic, you will be sure even in the most intense moments. Men's trunks are made of 100% cotton and thanks to their breathability and quality, will be comfortable all day long. In addition, the elastic design ensures that the trunks always stay in place.

Compared to classic men's trunks, active trunks differ only in the elastic design. While the classic trunks have the elastic sewn into the fabric, the active version uses boxer-style elastic. This combines the comfort of trunks and the practicality of boxers, and makes them the ideal choice for those of you who are still hesitant between trunks and boxers.

We always produce men's active trunks from 100% cotton, with some models you will find 100% cotton poplin, 100% cotton satin or 100% organic cotton with GOTS certification. In all cases, these are amazing materials with a long life, and especially extra-fine details, which makes our trunks barely noticable on your body.

Men's active trunks are another type of our men's underwear, which are suitable for practicality in everyday wear. They are chic for sleeping, discreet under a suit, and ideal for sports or narrower trousers thanks to their cut, which we have been optimizing since 2008.

If you want to read more about all the advantages of our men's trunks, we recommend going here. If you prefer truly invisible underwear and want to experience what "second skin" means, we recommend exploring our men's boxers made of MicroModal.

Did you know that you can shop with us for couples and the whole family? Make your better half happy with either a pair of trunks or another loungewear item from our bestselling women's selection.

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