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 Men's trunks are a symbol of comfort, with a perfectly fitting cut and well-made materials for everyday comfort. Our trunks stand out from the crowd with a timeless design, amazing material and a cut that fits even into narrower trousers.

Do you prefer men's trunks, but know that the classic ones will interfere with modern trouser cuts? In our production process, we keep that in mind. Men's trunks are our first and still essential product we specialized in. Our men's trunks have a specially developed cut, which is just long enough to provide the necessary support for intimate parts, but at the same time is minimally cut for that streamlined look. These trunks go well with shorter shorts or slimfit pants. Another advantage of our trunks is the width of the legs, which we have solved with a three-part cut in the seat, which will allow the underwear to be narrower, while not restricting the thighs when sitting. The result is narrower underwear that do not interfere under the pants, but at the same time are highly comfortable. For our men's trunks, we chose a softened, subtle elastic that does not stretch or shrink. You will hardly feel our men's trunks and they will not interfere with your style.

We produce men's trunks from several materials, with our most popular being 100% cotton - poplin. It is a basic, beautifully fine material with OEKO-TEX 100 certification. The second material are trunks made of 100% cotton satin, which is even more premium than poplin. The last material is 100% organic cotton with GOTS certification. This material is a guarantee of maximum comfort and at the same time consideration for the environment and the impact of production on society.

Our trunks are worn by thousands of satisfied customers every year, and not only men. At ELKA, we created trunks for couples and the whole family.

If you are looking for an interesting gift that can conjure real joy on your face, then you have just found it. If you want to try our other men's underwear, we recommend discovering our men's boxers.

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