ELKA LOUNGE Men's Underwear and Loungewear

Trunks, T-shirts, boxers, men's underwear, and also sweatshirts. From pieces for demanding working days and exercise, to pieces for relaxing on weekends - we have the perfect outfit for you. Premium materials, precise cuts, and thoughtful design bring comfort and quality together as one. In short, the only men's underwear and loungewear that deserves to be with you all day long.

If you are used to men's underwear made of 100% cotton, we have men's trunks for you with a cut that is comfortable to fit into narrower trousers. In addition, you will also find a version of men's trunks made of 100% organic cotton, which boasts the strictest certificate for environmentally-friendly GOTS production.

For those of you who prefer men's microfiber underwear, we can highly recommend our men's boxers made of MicroModal. With 93% MicroModal and 7% Elastane, find out why we refer to this material as a "second skin". This is a really extra fine material that makes men's underwear almost invisible under clothes.

The last style of men's underwear are our men's active trunks, which combine the advantages of a looser cut of trunks together with the minimalist elastic of boxers.

The newest products are our men's loungewear of T-shirts and sweatshirts. Both products are made of top materials with GOTS certification. Men's t-shirts boast 100% organic cotton, which holds its shape perfectly. Men's loungewear sweatshirts are made of 95% cotton with a combed finish.

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