ELKA LOUNGE Women's Boyshorts

Thanks to our women's boyshorts, there's no more compromises. They have it all: gentle on the skin, firm for sports, and extra comfortable at home. In short, boyshorts with benefits you can't resist.

We produce women's boyshorts in two styles of cut. Women's active boyshorts are made of 95% organic cotton with GOTS certification. This will guarantee that your women's boyshorts will not only last for several seasons, stay colorful and in perfect condition, but also that the production of their material was carried out in accordance with strict environmental and social requirements. Active boyshorts have a classic cut and are great for yoga exercises, lighter sports activities, relaxing at home or sleeping.

The second type of our boyshorts are lounge shorts- our newest. MicroModal shorts that have split hips, leaving them completely open on the sides. Lounge shorts are great for sleeping and dancing. However you use them, women's lounge shorts will delight you with their softness, just as many of our products are shorts made of MicroModal- our "second skin" material.

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