Spodenki damskie active

Active ELKA LOUNGE Women's Trunks

Women's trunks are for your more demanding days, with elastic that stays put. Every active woman will appreciate the design of these trunks.

Active women's trunks are just like our classic women's trunks. They're a great partner for every day at home, in the garden or as a beach accessory. Our women's trunks are made with sports-grade elastic from three materials. The first basic material of our women's trunks is 100% cotton-poplin, a very soft, breathable material. The second material of our women's trunks is 100% cotton-satin, the most comfortable material you have ever worn, and we are not exaggerating. The latest material is 100% organic cotton with a GOTS certificate.

Women's active trunks combine the advantages of our women's boxers and the comfort of classic women's trunks. Thanks to the active elastic, they're suitable for an active lifestyle. Choose from dozens of designs that are prepared for you every year. Choose from basic one-color trunks, or compelling patterns from our collection.

Combine our women's trunks with other products for home, sleeping or everyday wear. Take a look, for example, in our category of women's tank tops, tops or T-shirts. If you are also looking for leisure pieces, you can look at our loungewear sweatshirts made of organic cotton. And if you want to make your loved ones happy, we recommend you take a look at our trunks for couples.

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