ELKA LOUNGE Women's Bras

 Our women's bras are sewn without reinforced cups and with a high proportion of natural MicroModal so that it feels invisible. They're comfortable all day long. Thanks to the sliding straps, double layering and flat active stitches, it adapts perfectly and provides support even for larger breasts. These are bras for women who like to feel beautiful and comfortable.

We call them women's lounge bras. They have the shape and form of sports bras, however, the comfort is completely different, they do not choke, they're not too tight, -they are extra comfortable! The looser cut of our bras and the 93% MicroModal material makes our bras a unique product for everyday. ELKA LOUNGE bras are also suitable for less demanding activities,where comfort comes first.

Bras made of natural materials are always a great choice, so we decided to use MicroModal, which is a great combination of natural materials and enhanced features of synthetics: better wicking of sweat while also keeping its shape. A women's bra is an essential element of your wardrobe, so give yourself variety and add the ideal bra that has been missing from your wardrobe. This is the bra you will choose whenever you feel like being extremely comfortable.

We produce bras in several colors and in various combinations with colored elastic.

Our women's bras will be a great partner for your many moments, not only at home, but also for leisure activities, travel, yoga or relaxation.

We recommend purchasing our women's bras together with women's boxers. We also recommend trying our women's tank tops and tops, which together with the lounge bra form a great set. 

Your moments. Everyday. Only. Playful. Together. Your moments. Everyday. Only. Playful. Together. Your moments.